Millfalls House is built on a property that saw development in 1810 by Joseph Clapp. Just 10 years before Lieutenant Archibald McDonnell had sold his 1000 acres (site of Milford and sounding lands) to Kingston Land Baron the Honourable Richard Cartwright April 24th. 1800. Joseph made a deal with Cartwright to establish a lumber mill on the Black Creek at what is today Milford Ontario in the spring of 1808. There Joseph built his first mill. Two years later he decided to build yet another mill upstream in 1810 utilizing the land and waterway where Millfalls House stands today. Ever since then, people have flocked to the falls. 200 years of history later Millfalls house was constructed (2002) after special consideration of sunrise and sunset as well as the acoustical sounds of nature and water. Guests may walk the land and river bed at will, taking in the wonder of nature. (Guest interested in a walk should consider bringing appropriate footwear and a hat) For those interested in the local history a walking tour is available or take a bike ride on 10speed mountain bikes provided.

Your Host:

Sacha is a graphic designer who after years of sailing moved back from the Caribbean, sold his boat and landed in the County. He still enjoys the boating life as cartoonist to PassageMaker Magazine where he pokes fun at all aspects of boating. Sacha chose the site for Millfalls House after a January drive in Prince Edward where he fell in love with the Black Creek falls, the Old Scotts Mill and the lifestyle of the County. Now he gets to share that land with his B&B guests.

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